Guard of Pflug

This low guard is called Pflug (plough).

It is quite simple on the right side. For the left side, in theory there are two possibilities:

  1. True edge upwards and thumb on the inside. This is the right way to do it, which is shown in the video. The wrist is almost straight and thus quite strong compared to 2
  2. True edge down to the floor and thumb on the outside. This is inferior to variant 1 since the wrist would be bent which makes this position weak.

The point should be oriented directly towards the opponents face. This creates a threat, and forces the opponent to deal with your blade in order to be able to close the distance and attack you.

If you move your point off this optimal position in any direction, it will be easier for your opponent to act. So be careful not to get into a sub-optimal position by accident, but keep in mind you can do this consciously to provoke the opponent to do a certain attack you already expect.

The guards/wards of Alber, Pflug, Ochs and Vom Tag are of greatest importance.

Master Johannes Liechtenauer tells us in his verses to fight only from these four main guards. Thus these primary wards are reliable and universal.

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