Learning a martial art from video

Some of you may ask:

Is it really possible to learn a martial art like Historical European Fencing with videos as my only instruction?

Experience answers:

Yes, this works well!

Videos are, by definition, a medium which is well-suited to the Do-It-Yourself movement. We demonstrate the techniques in detail and from the best viewing angles. Correct execution is compared to typical mistakes, so you can avoid them from the start. You have one video per exercise, where every major aspect is explained, just like a teacher would do in our training hall. Ultimately, you get a tutorial for an exercise which you can directly practice for yourself.

When you train with a experienced teacher, your learning-process is accelerated, because you get direct feedback for everything you do. When you use our videos, it takes a little more discipline, since you must watch your partner and yourself to find both correct and incorrect actions. Likewise, you can get feedback from us, as soon as you send us recordings from your training.

In the end, the intensity and amount of your training are the driving forces of your personal development as a fencer. Of course, this is mutually supported by working with partners who also learn from the videos, each fencer bringing his/her own insights to the same lessons and training.

Historical European Fencing is a martial art without a direct line of tradition. It is not possible to trace a chain of students and teachers from our time to the Middle Ages. This is why our martial art had to be revived. The enthusiasts who began to study Historical European Fencing in the 20th Century had to make do without instructors at all. Compared to them, you get a huge advantage through our videos - which give you access to hard-won knowledge now available once again!